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Pizza and HBO in Luang Prabang

First Published August 19,2005 at

Luang Prabang — On our way to Luang Prabang, we had two brief stop overs. First was in an Hmong hill village, where curious kids follow us around as they love posing for our digicams. Me, with my pair of flat feet struggled to climb the muddy hill. Fhan had to hold my hand all the time as I was really struggling. (read more here)

The End of Roughing It!

First Published August 18,2005 at

PAK BENG, LAOS — We spent a night in the tiny village of Pak Beng – a halfway point between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang. The slow boats don’t travel at night so we have to stop here for dinner and get some sleep. (read more here)

From Sawasdee To Sabaydee

Welcome to Laos
Welcome to Laos
This is Fhan, our guide in Laos, welcoming us to his country. (read more here)

Waiting For Ping

First published August 17,2005 at

Chiang Khong, Thailand — The second day of our Intrepid tour’s about waiting. Waiting for our bus, waiting for Ping to arrive. He’s always late. It’s Thai time, one of the Kiwis said. And that’s when we started talking about Asia, and that things in these region are never on time (Singapore and Japan are the exemption, not the rule). My group mates were bored and I really can’t blame them. We’re all dying to get to Laos. (read more here)

Laos In A Week

First published August 16, 2005 at

Chiang Mai — or my first trip to Laos, I decided to join a group tour. While I always prefer traveling alone, as I want to explore a new place at my own pace (plus I need a lot of “quiet time” meditating, thinking and writing and just sitting still), this one time that I know that I need to be with a group as I know I can’t deal with Laos on my own. (read more here)

Goodbyes Don’t Have to be Sad

First Published August 15,2005 at

SINGAPORE — Life’s a cycle. One thing must end in order to begin something new and hopefully, better. I know that and I think most people do. The thing is, sometimes, I forget that this is how life works, which is why sometimes I tend to hold on and resist change. (read more here)