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Temple Tour

First Published September 8,2005 at

Kathmandu — Despite the hot and dry weather (and the fact that I can’t wear shorts and spaghetti straps in this conservative country) and my dizziness (side effect of the anti-malaria tablets that I ingested), I still managed to take a tour around the Kathmandu Valley, visiting some of Nepal’s most important temples from September 6 to 8. I guess, the fact that I had a tour guide and a chaffeur helped (thank you so much to my Thamel-based travel agent Bishnu Subedi). (read more here)

Mega Nepal Mall

First Published September 5,2005 at

Sadhu for Sale
Sadhu for Sale
I have to pay 50 rupees just so this sadhu will pose for me. What can I say? In a capitalist world, everything’s for sale. (read more here)

Overnight in Khao San

First Published September 4,2005 at

Bangkok –I flew from KL and had to spend a night in Bangkok to catch an early flight tomorrow for Kathmandu. (read more here)

Bored In Vang Vieng

First Published August 22,2005 at

Vang Vieng, Laos — After a 7-hour drive in unpaved, muddy roads; occasional toilet breaks in the bushes; surviving a road block (caused by a landslide) and heavy monsoon rains, we finally arrived in Vang Vieng. (read more here)

Small Blessings

Kuang Si Waterfalls
Kuang Si Waterfalls
Not as majestic as the Niagara Falls, but fabulous just the same (read more here)