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How To Help “Ondoy” Victims

posted by Gypsygal Prime

photos: thank you Luis Liwanag for photos posted in your FB

This is sort of like part 2 of my previous post on Typhoon Ondoy. Below is another list of relief centers which I got from my anthro-diliman yahoo groups. so if you want to help, you can send money and/or food, medicine and clothing to the following drop off centers: (read more here)

Let us all help the victims of typhoon Ondoy

10534_157574390961_683590961_3642908_3540225_nPosted by: gypsygal Prime

I’ve been a travel blogger for the past four years and while it’s an on-and-off thing or me, one thing remains constant: I never get tired of ranting and raving about the many places I visited here and abroad. (read more here)

Photo Essay: Dancing in Damhsa (Part 1)

Text and Photos by Gypsygal Nina

I love living in Europe. It’s such a cosmopolitan place and culture vultures like me can’t get enough of it. (read more here)

Weekend in Siem Reap: Angkor Wat

text by Gypsygals Nina and Prime

photos by Gypsygal Nina

We can only reserve three days to “flashpack” our way to Cambodia (ahhh, the agonies of having a day job!). So, the only way for us to savor this Cambodian trip is to go to a place that will best define Cambodia: the ruins of Angkor Wat. (read more here)

Postcard Moment: Angkor Thom

View from the Top (of an Elephant)

View from the Top (of an Elephant)

Text and Photos By: Gypsygal Nina

I finally got my first elephant ride while sightseeing at the ruins of Angkor Thom! Wheee! It did cost me and my sister (Gypsygal Prime) 20 U.S. dollars (we paid 10 bucks apiece) . But I think it’s worth it. It gave me a bird’s eye view of the complex atop the elephant. (read more here)

PostCard Moment:Punakha Dzong, Bhutan

Punakha Dzong

In Bhutan, the chief abbot’s winter residence is at the Punakha Dzong. Sitting at the confluence of the two rivers in the former Bhutanese capital of Punakha, this dzong houses many of the country’s historic and holy relics including the embalmed body of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. Zhabdrung was the first monarxch to unify the various fiefdoms in Bhutan and in the 17th century defended the unified Bhutanese kingdom against the Tibetan invasion.