Stranded in the City (of Baguio): Some Lessons In Letting Go

posted by: gypsygal Prime

I’m stranded here in Baguio and loving it. (read more here)


  1. ALwyn Said:

    Glad to know you’re surviving Baguio… How was your dinner with my D 🙂 ? Ingat and enjoy it while it lasts…

    • ay naku correct ka dyan. no use worrying. mas mabuti pang magsulat at magcover once a newshen, always s newshen) . d is fine. we met sa jacks and had drinks in rumors. di ko pa nasulat yun ah. will blog about it later.

  2. ged ducusin Said:

    true! true! true! there’s got to be more to life than career and education…it’s life itself, the people, the happiness and hope of that sunshine after the storm…these things are sentimental, but i agree, you surely have a lot to be thankful for…the best part is that urge and actually the act of doing something for the others, even in our own little and somewhat insignificant ways…so, you’re in Baguio while everybody else’s glued on tv — yes! that’s the gypsygal spirit!

    • mismo. ngayon ko nga lang naisip na ang babaw ko pala. people are dying bec of landslides and floods and here i am worryinbg because di ko magamit credit card ko at walang wifi!

  3. “So instead of worrying about things I can’t control, I decided to shut off the tv. I stopped trying to connect to the internet. I stopped trying to control something which I’ve known all along na hindi na talaga kaya ng powers ko (translation: that this is beyond my control).”

    I feel God more in Baguio than anywhere else. It was here where I went down to the lowest of lows, as if to test my resolve to try and make it alone in a (not-so-) strange town. Living here, I have learned to let go and put my fate in his Hands. And He does send us folks and things and messages in the most mysterious of ways.

    GypsyGal, the vegetarian, is now stranded in Baguio, and in Atenara House where room 6 is filled with vegetables that Lisa is waiting to send down to Manila and that Prime can eat to her heart’s content for free. How serendipitous us that?

    🙂 Lisa

    • and to think na muntik na akong umalis nung makita ko na may dalang aso si nico!

      gulat nga ako na i know your sister pala. e kaya lang naman ako nagpunta ng atenara kasi nagbabasa ako ng go baguio site and a friend sa isang ngo recommended your place.

  4. Mama Glenn Said:

    Naku, at least you are in Baguio nga rather than in Northville or Provident. Coffee would be terrific there indeed. Glad that you have transformed your cut-off situation into something productive! Kaka-tuwa naman si Lisa–epitome of our jack-of-all-trades generation!

    • oo nga. hindi naman talaga masyadong affected ang baguio. it’s the people in other areas of benguet who need more help. e to nga kami ni lisa nagwa-wifi pa!

  5. i_am_aoisoba Said:

    hmmm dyan ka na lang muna and do some walks then blog 😀

    • liana!!!! gusto ko nga, kasi i can telecommute from here (not to mention i’m busy reporting about the disaster -from the line of fire pa!) , while making jalan jalan! (you should go to the botanical garden, its great!) but xinhua is asking for me to go home na as they need me sa desk 😦

  6. […] Stranded in the City (of Baguio): Some  Lessons on Letting Go by Prime Sarmiento –  I was traveling in Baguio when  Parma –  one of the worst typhoons in Philippine history […]

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