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I joined the Pahiyas festival and I got this kitschy souvenir photo

by Prime Sarmiento

Thank goddess for entrepreneurs! (read more here)

Why Noynoy is winning the Philippine presidential race

I was sooo busy covering the Philippine elections that I barely have anytime for much anything else (that includes blogging, and notgto mention travelling!). After about two hours of waiting in line, I was able to cast my vote in a precinct in Manila. After a quick lunch, I wrote a story and later, I went to PICC to cover the counting of votes in the country’s first automated polls. I stayed until about 1 am (yup I was working round the clock). It was very very tiring. (read more here)

Ilocandia Diary Part 2: Nature tripping, Beach bumming

Posted by Prime Sarmiento

The travel coordinator handed me a list of things to bring in this four-day tour of Ilocos region. The regulars in my travel pack are in there: bottled water, comfy shoes, prescription medicine. The list also advises us to have that spirit of adventure and a sense of humor (as, after all, some things always do go wrong when traveling). (read more here)