Why Noynoy is winning the Philippine presidential race

I was sooo busy covering the Philippine elections that I barely have anytime for much anything else (that includes blogging, and notgto mention travelling!). After about two hours of waiting in line, I was able to cast my vote in a precinct in Manila. After a quick lunch, I wrote a story and later, I went to PICC to cover the counting of votes in the country’s first automated polls. I stayed until about 1 am (yup I was working round the clock). It was very very tiring. (read more here)


  1. Armie Said:

    Hello po! Extensive coverage you have here. Political hierarchy is indeed very rampant in our country. It’s sad to think that we are still hooked up in our “utang na loob” mentality. Anyway, let’s just hope for the best. BTW, I added you in my blogroll and from now on I will be revisiting. Keep on posting and more power!

    • HI armie, oo ganun talaga. but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to change things. marami tayong magagawa bilang citizens of our country to see genuine reforms. ikaw , blogger ka, you can use your blog to promote the change that you want to see

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