My (not so) secret writing place

REVIEW : Bliss Homestay in Baguio City

Posted by Prime Sarmiento

I went on a personal writing retreat early this month in Baguio and thanks to its cool weather and right vibe, I managed to finish a couple of blog posts, the first draft of my graduate thesis proposal, and an analysis piece that I submitted to a news agency. Those five days were a time of productivity and creativity and this wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t stay in Bliss Homestay. (read more here)

My Writing corner in Bliss Homestay



  1. jim Said:

    Prime….lovely piece !

    We have cross posted it to our site.

    As a small way to say ‘ thanks ‘ a welcoming fire your first nite and breakfast in morn are our treat !

    Jim & Shanti

  2. You’ve completely sold me on Bliss Homestay. Jim and Shanti are beautiful souls, and the atmosphere they’ve created, blankets peace…this is clear. I’ve never been to the Philippians, but when I do, I’ll be staying here. Sounds like a writers’ home away from home. Thanks for sharing your journey, and for bringing this little hide-a-way into the light!

    • Hi Michelle, yes do visit the Philippines, it’s one of the least visited countries in SE Asia, but our country offers a lot more to travelers – whether you’re a beach bum, trekker, scuba diver, food tripper or arts buff. And Bliss is perfect for writers like us.

  3. Farouk Said:

    up until now i don’t have a quite place where i can write at, but you motivated me to find one 😀

    • Hi Farouk, every writer should find a writing space. i think you can find one there in egypt. (always wanted to go there, need to save up!) we may have the discipline to write, but we also need a an external environment to keep us focused

  4. Steve Said:

    A place like that would get me in the writing mood too. It looks like a friendly and inviting place to stay. I’d never heard of transient homes until now. Great story.

    • Hi Steve:

      Even a disciplined and well focused writer needs a conducive external environment to help him/her get through a big writing assignment. Writers who have the budget like Alice Walker and Isabel Allende even build their own writing quarters (I know Isabel has a “casita” in California) I’m sure you’ll find your own writing space in Minnesota.
      Thanks for visiting our site!

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