Postcard Moment: The Octopus is Infallible

posted by Nina Sarmiento

Paul the Octopus nearly become a part of this:

Paul are you in there?

But Iniesta’s goal definitely saved his skin err  his tentacles and now Paul is enjoying the limelight. (read more here)


  1. jim Said:

    I was up 130-530 am watching it….a lonely liteng soul thrilled deep in the night.


    • i can relate to that Jim, i even bring 2 red bulls in my work to keep me awake 😀 The sleepless cycle only happens every 2 years (UEFA and FIFA!)

  2. Liana Said:

    Thank Gawd that Iniesta scoored, huh? 😉 It would have been a sad, sad in the animal kingdom if he hadn’t. Wonder what happened to Mani the bird in Singapore predicted a Spanish loss.

    • i swear by my soul, i would have definitely thrashed the place and hunt every octopus on earth if Spain lose hahahah

  3. Mark Said:

    I loved how the Germans wanted to grill Paul and the Spanish offered him asylum , lol .

    • Mark, oh i heard the GErmans were singing anti octopus songs and having an octopus bbq hahahaha…yeah i heard Zapatero even offered Bodyguards to ensure his safety…NO less than Kofi anan replied when asked who will win the world cup: ” I will leave that to those who know more than me, like Paul the Octopus”

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