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New Year New Site

January 1, 2011 (01/01/11) is the time for new beginnings. So yep, The Gypsygals is moving to a brand new site! Check it out!

Covering Cory: Thoughts and Tours

Remembering Tita Cory

Remembering Tita Cory

Posted by: Gypsygal Prime
Photos by: Luis Liwanag (

It all started with a text message from Johanna. (read more here)

Chillin’ in Bagan

Shwezigon Temple

Shwezigon Temple

May 1, 2008

No night bars, no cafes, no cable tv, no malls, no dating scene” how do you exactly ‘chill’ in Bagan? (read more here)

Overnight in Khao San

First Published September 4,2005 at

Bangkok –I flew from KL and had to spend a night in Bangkok to catch an early flight tomorrow for Kathmandu. (read more here)

Pizza and HBO in Luang Prabang

First Published August 19,2005 at

Luang Prabang — On our way to Luang Prabang, we had two brief stop overs. First was in an Hmong hill village, where curious kids follow us around as they love posing for our digicams. Me, with my pair of flat feet struggled to climb the muddy hill. Fhan had to hold my hand all the time as I was really struggling. (read more here)

The End of Roughing It!

First Published August 18,2005 at

PAK BENG, LAOS — We spent a night in the tiny village of Pak Beng – a halfway point between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang. The slow boats don’t travel at night so we have to stop here for dinner and get some sleep. (read more here)

Living and Leaving

First Published August 1,2005 at

SINGAPORE —My friend Persis, a Malaysian filmmaker, asked me if I would miss my apartment in Singapore. It’s a fair question considering that I’m a homebody and I lived in this walk-up apartment for 3 ½ years (out of my 4 ½ years in Singapore). (read more here)

A Shutterbug Shops In Singapore

first opublished August 1, 2005,

SINGAPORE — It took me some time before I finally decided to buy digicam. I’ve been a photo hobbyist since 2002, not to mention that I always believed that my photography isn’t just a means of self expression, but also a tool which I can use in my profession as a journalist. My personal mantra: the words are there to explain, the images are there to illustrate. Both should tell a story and tell it well. (read more here)