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How To Help “Ondoy” Victims

posted by Gypsygal Prime

photos: thank you Luis Liwanag for photos posted in your FB

This is sort of like part 2 of my previous post on Typhoon Ondoy. Below is another list of relief centers which I got from my anthro-diliman yahoo groups. so if you want to help, you can send money and/or food, medicine and clothing to the following drop off centers: (read more here)


Let us all help the victims of typhoon Ondoy

10534_157574390961_683590961_3642908_3540225_nPosted by: gypsygal Prime

I’ve been a travel blogger for the past four years and while it’s an on-and-off thing or me, one thing remains constant: I never get tired of ranting and raving about the many places I visited here and abroad. (read more here)